800 hp sbf

What does it take to build a monster--a wicked winder that is only fit for the track or some insanely wild street car with no bones about using as much fuel as a battleship and pouring out more horsepower than a Sherman tank?

This all started because John wants to run a Windsor that has been stroked and poked to cubes in his local drag racing league. He was looking for something in the hp range that could deliver the power with stone-cold reliability.

408 Windsor Stroker 780 hp 6600 rpm run

After all, it isn't as if John can just drop it back by Allan's place for minor repairs, as they are separated by more than 2, land miles. We'll also say that engines such as this one are not cheap to build. They require bucket trucks full of cash, as well as time and attention to detail. We're not saying you can't build this type of engine--we're just saying it gets expensive, and pro shops like Allan's are sometimes the best route to keep you from having a really expensive explosion.

The engine's sole function is drag racing. It is intended to go fast in a straight line, and, hopefully, to knock the snot out of the other fellows on the scene in Alaska. What John asked for is as follows: hp that would turn in excess of 8, rpm, run after run. He has no intentions of pushing the V-8 to that extreme, but he wants to know the power is there should he need it. Therefore, if you want an engine capable of turning 8,plus rpm, you need to build with the best parts.

Allan began with the best block the current Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog had to offer for their application--a siamese-bore wet sump block. The bore set on this engine is siamesed to allow for larger bore out. In fact, the Ford catalog states that the block can be safely bored and stroked out to cubes! Our goal is about 46 cubes shy of that. We've given you a visual tour of the cube monster.

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Now it's time for the piston to meet the fuel. Running octane race fuel, the engine had been broken in and made ready. Passes one through six were not super spectacular, but that soon changed.

Below is the "baseline" for the final numbers. Here is where Al Moody, our tuner and operator for the day, started out. Al told us "the engine will probably pull about horses.

750+ Horses From a 351W Engine

Prepping a Mustang 6R80 Automatic Transmission for 1, horsepower. Installing a GripTech Pulley on a Vortech-supercharged Mustang eliminates belt slip and adds boost. Ever wondered what it was like to strap in next to a drifting star as he slides around the track in a 1,horsepower Mustang?

800 hp sbf

This is what it is likeā€¦. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit www. Starting an Engine for the First Time. Street Thumper ci Build. How To. February 1, Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery.

Connect With Us. Stay informed with our Newsletter Sign Up Now. Most Popular. View More Girls.This buildup started with a desire to run a test on one of Ford Racing Performance Parts' crate engines. Actually, we wanted a motor capable of running with the LT1- and LS1-powered Z28s of the world, and thought the hp listed in the FRPP catalog looked like the perfect choice. Checking out the specs on the MC crate engine listed in the catalog and online, we see that the 5. That's one of the great things about running a stroker-the ability to disguise it as a lesser combination.

The stroker looks identical to a standardso who knows the difference? How many street races have been won by strokers passed off as s? The MC crate motor had plenty to offer, including a Sportsman block, a stroker crank, and even a Canton oil pan. Unfortunately, we weren't able to secure one of the crate motors, so we decided to do the next best thing-build one ourselves. Actually, the buildup was more to illustrate the power offered by a healthy stroker motor than to specifically duplicate the FRPP crate offering.

But since we had the major ingredients heads, cam, and stroker internalsthis is what might be expected from the crate assembly as well. Starting from the top and working our way down, we gathered all the necessary components to assemble a solid street stroker, the highlight of which was a set of the FRPP Z aluminum cylinder heads. Loyal readers will remember that we tested these heads in our Ultimate Guide to Cylinder Heads, and the FRPP offerings proved themselves quite powerful. When first introduced, the Z heads were offered bare, requiring that enthusiasts assemble the necessary valvetrain components.

The assembled heads came with stainless steel valves measuring 2. Also included in the mix was a set of beehive valvesprings that offered pounds of seat pressure at 1. This valvespring combination was perfect for a healthy hydraulic roller cam profile of up to 0. In fact, the valvesprings did not experience coil bind until 1. Naturally, you will want to measure retainer-to-seal and piston-to-valve clearance as well. The supplied literature said the new CNC heads flowed more than cfm, and we look forward to running them.

The as-cast Z heads were no slouches, though, with intake flow over cfm and exhaust flow near cfm. Credit for the impressive flow goes to the choice of valve sizes significantly larger than those employed in stock 5. Though our heads did not feature CNC porting of the intake and exhaust, they did include machined combustion chambers.

The Z heads required use of dedicated roller-rocker arms, something we consider mandatory on any performance buildup anyway. With all the impressive hardware, it's easy to forget that the aluminum con-struction kept the bare weight of each head to just 27 pounds, making for significant weight savings over factory cast-iron counterparts.

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Once we had the headgear in order, we took care of the rest of the induction system and cam timing. Topping off the Z heads was the tried-and-true Edelbrock Victor Jr. The single-plane intake also helped tailor the power curve slightly higher in the rev range compared to a dual-plane. Initially, we wanted to utilize the Z cam profile from FRPP, but some digging revealed that the crate motor was actually equipped with an even wilder cam.

Unlike the single-pattern Z, the crate motor cam offered a dual pattern with more lift and duration.What's New? Log in. Remember Me?

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Results 1 to 13 of I think i need to build one of these for the street also for my 86 coupe. I want that! Dylan 2. Originally Posted by Sasquatch. Last edited by LilRed86coupe; at PM. I want one tooooooooo! That's very cool. I wonder if I could get my Cleveland to do that kind of hp. Nice engine build video I almost threw up when I saw him dry rotating it to put the pistons in I don't care who you are Last edited by capri debris; at AM.

Four Eyed Proud C5 all original k miles '86 Black on gray Capri 5. Originally Posted by capri debris. I say pull out the stops and shoot for hp, I know of at least one stock blocked w stroked to turning it rpm at the track and it's a real street driven car, he's a member here, from monroe NC, his name is nc stang guy.

Originally Posted by LilRed86coupe. They could have made hp easy with more compression and a dry sump oiling system but that would have been a track only engine,they said this was a pump gas street engine. Are you positive he's using a stock block?

Not many people build a w from a stock block because the engine becomes over square and has alot of piston side load and piston speed. I was sure he had a Dart block but i could be wrong. All rights reserved. Change site's color scheme just above here. Connect With Us.This is not your father's Ford. It's not even your older brother's.

And it's definitely not for your average part-time bracket racer. What it is, is Joe Sherman's latest monster that pushes the peak of conventional carbureted, normally aspirated, no-power-adder Ford small-block Windsor-head tech to the limit hp and lb-ft from a Raising the venerable Ford Windsor small-block to a level that just a generation ago was reserved for Pro Stock big-blocks is no mean feat.

It shows just how far technology has come, as well as what separates hard-core professional engine-builders like Sherman from the rest of the pack. Sherman doesn't waste bucks on nonessentials, but he does know how to get the most power per dollar out of a parts combo.

The key is optimizing cylinder-head flow with additional porting then determining an intake and cam combo to maximize performance within the limitations of the Windsor port configuration. Add in high-tech coatings, ultrahigh compression, a lightweight rotating assembly, and a ring package tailored for reduced friction and compatibility with a high-tech crankcase evacuation system, and the result can propel a 2,pound Super Gas-style car to 8.

Although this 2. Examining the design choices and limitations and how Sherman overcame them could prove instructive to those seeking to build any high-end, cutting-edge engine combo. The engine's foundation is Ford Racing's siamesed-bore wet-sump block, officially rated to withstand up to 1, hp at 8, rpm. This block has the standard Ford 8. The block also requires common outer-diameter cam bearings. Sherman used a Ford PN MJ cam bearing set, which has a common outer diameter but a stock inner diameter to facilitate camshaft interchange.

The thick-wall block easily accepted a 4. The crank carries ultralight Manley aluminum rods and Pin clearance is held at a loose 0. A drag engine like this is designed to run cold. I keep the motor water at degrees and run degree oil temperature. There's a 20hp difference from running it hot at to degrees. The pistons use only two rings: a 0. The engine is torque-plate honed using the next-to-smoothest bore finish, Sherman says.In the last two issues we told you how to select a turbocharger, then we provided some general guidelines on piecing together a complete system.

So much for theory. Located in northwest Alabama, Bennett is a major builder of kick-butt small-block and big-block Ford drag racing motors. The company is particularly dominant in NMCA and NMRA class racing, supplying normally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous engines to a variety of winning racers. At Bennett, you can buy anything from cams all the way to turnkey engines developing over 2, hp, but the "mild" hp engine shown here is designed for street reliability.

It's gotta make big power numbers to get down the track and survive in daily use with stock accessories--yet be reasonably affordable.

As owner Jon Bennett puts it, "Our goal in building this type of engine is to provide the customer a super-high-horsepower, reliable engine. There are many different opinions on what a true street engine is. Our major concern on a street engine is reliability and low maintenance.

We center all of our street engines around hydraulic-roller camshafts. As any experienced engine builder knows, a solid roller is less reliable on the street. Sure, we could put a solid roller profile in this engine and gain some average horsepower, but these gains would be minimal versus the additional maintenance required--valve lash, lifter checks, valvespring wear, and all that.

800 hp sbf

Dart's thick-wall, four-bolt-main Ford iron block forms the foundation for the engine, which is stuffed with a Scat billet stroker crank, Scat H-beam rods, and premium CP pistons. Cylinder-wall prep is particularly critical, with Bennett making sure to keep the walls straight with minimal taper, and using a grit finish with some cross-hatch to help properly lubricate the piston skirts and aid ring sealing. It's not at all unusual for these engines to have only 0.

The engine's Turbonetics T76 turbo is more than up to its dual-purpose job, easily supportinghp. A T76 has a 76mm inducer, which Bennett says "is as big as we can use and still maintain streetability.

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Even though this engine has a [fairly large] turbo, it still makes boost very quickly due to the cylinder head and camshaft design. That's obviously not desirable on the street; however, some of the race-only Bennett mills built for the Pro 5. This recipe definitely has the Wheaties. Young's Performance tested the engine shown here on its SuperFlow dyno. Running on octane race gas, the engine pounded out A well set-up 3,pound car, could run midsecond e.

Dropping down to octane unleaded, the motor still churned out If hp from ci ain't enough, there's always the full-race 2,hp version. Based on the tall-deck Dart W aluminum block, the ci small-block has bigger heads, stainless headers, and a dry-sump oiling system.We live in a golden age of automotive performance.

Modern technology continues to allow us to push the envelope of what is possible in terms of engine design and output. That being said, many of us in the USA often forget that there are also horsepower fans all over the globe. We recently came across this video of Australian engine builder Dandy Enginesbuilding an plus hp naturally aspirated windsor engine for a customer.

The Aussies love horsepower as much as we do here, and this particular engine was destined to go in a Ford Falcon ute, the modern day Aussie equivalent of the long defunct American Ranchero.

The foundation is a Dart block, housing a Callies crank with 4. The camshaft comes from Comp Camsand is a custom 54mm solid roller grind and spins via a Jesel belt drive. A custom billet oil pump with dual pickups, and a customized Moroso oil pan wrap things up on the bottom end. No details were given on exactly which Kasse heads were used, but from the photos we know they have some major flow potential.

The engine also received a matching intake from CHI, Kasse as well. Topping things off is a BRE carburetor. Dandy strapped this beast to the dyno and fired it up. Once the vacuum pump was online, the cubic inch engine made an impressive hp and ft-lbs of torque, spinning all the way to rpm. Checkout the video and watch the guys from Dandy Engines build the beast, and then listen to that sweet small block Ford music, as they make big power with a naturally aspirated engine, the Aussie way.

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800 hp sbf

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800 hp sbf

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Joe Sherman Builds an 800hp Ford Windsor - The Windsor King

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