Arma 3 zeus mission ideas

Home Games News Cosplay. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to make a really simple zeus mission in the Arma 3 Eden editor. Step 2: Going into the Editor Once the game has launched and you are on the main menu, just click on the editor.

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Step 3: Settings Once you are in the editor click on Attributes and then multiplayer, unmark "Enable AI" and change disabled to "Respawn on custom position, and on the rulesets checkmark" select respawn position.

Also change the respawn time to 03 seconds [optional]. Also add other type of player Autorifleman [optional] so other people can join as well. Than doubleclick on the "zeus" and change his "Variable name" to "zeus" [optional]. Than double click on the other players and change there controle to "playable".

Arma 3 - How to Make a Simple Zeus Mission and Host It

Step 5: Adding Game Master Now look for "systems" on the top rightLook for zeus and than "game master" and place that down anywhere. Now change the "Owner" to "Zeus".

Step 6: Adding a Respawn Now place down a "Respawn position" top right and dubble click it and change the "side" to "blue fore". Remember to save the mission file! Now click on host and give your server a name [optinal] change host to "internet" leave the port on default if it is the same as on the example, change the amount of players to what you want depented to the amount of player you have placed down in the mission and give your server a password, and enable: UPNP.

Select a slot and click "OK" button left now continue trouw go into the game by clicking respawn when available. Step 8: The End You have hosted your own server that all of your friends can join [optinal]. Press the "Y" key to go into zeus mode. Written by Heercamelot.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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arma 3 zeus mission ideas

Zeus Guide for Dummies. I am making this guide to teach others how to use and make missions using Zeus. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Panicsferd Offline. Guide Index. Getting Started. Modules - Environment. Modules - Fire Support. Modules - Objectives. Modules - Scenario Flow. Modules - Zeus. Be Creative. This is a guide that is made for people who don't know anything about the Zeus game mode, hence the title "Zues for Dummies".

Disclaimer: I am not calling you that do read this an idiot or dumb. I am calling it "Zeus For Dummies" so it is similar to those guides you can get for all sorts of stuff. Arma III on Steam 2.After a few days of playing on Zeus games I've run into plenty of game masters who were both good, and absolutely terrible. I really hope I fall into the former when I'm GM'ing, but can't blame you if you hated the few mission I ran.

If you have any tips, tricks, complaints, or discussion to add for aspiring Zeuses, please add to my meager offering.

Don't overwhelm a group of 5 players with 10 squads and two armor platoons. At the same time, don't just make them kill sentry groups and lone, unarmed, Ifrits. Give your minions players the tools to do the job, and cater to modest requests, but don't listen to every specific request for an attack helicopter, tanks, or a.

Everything in moderation. Don't let your players just wander off, don't let them sit and plink at helpless AI, and reward cooperative gameplay. Alternatively, punish stupidity. That lone wolf charging ahead, alone, in a hunter? Drop an AT team and ambush him. But you have someone take a quad to an undefended side with a silenced rifle and friend?

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Allow them to call in mortar support and be sneaky. Did you spawn a CSAT recon team to sneak up on players re-arming? Spawn a helicopter and make it take off so that the players know the enemy is coming.

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Your 1 priority as Zeus is the entertainment of others. The worst things that will make players leave are boredom, impossible objectives, and being forced to play a certain way with no choice. Let them decide how to approach an objective and give them an epic mission in return. You're not there to kill every enemy you placed with artillery and lightning. Decide in 30 seconds where you want your players to start at, where they're going to attack first, what kind of enemies they'll face off against, and which direction they attack next.

Spend 30 seconds building the initial respawn point, spend 2 minutes placing the initial opposition, and plop an objective on top of it.The Arma series is famous for its massive multiplayer battles, but there's still fun to be had on the war-torn islands of Stratis and Altis by yourself.

These missions can all be played solo, with a focus on small squads, infantry, or infiltration. They've all been created by Arma 3 players using the game's powerful built-in editing tools, and some are as impressive as anything in Bohemia's own campaign.

To play the missions, subscribe to them in the Steam Workshop, then go to Play in the Arma 3 main menu, then Scenarios. It's worth noting that updates to Arma 3—which are pretty frequent—can cause bugs in user-made missions, which their creators should hopefully iron out promptly.

The 15 best Arma 3 player-created solo missions

Some listed here can be also be played in co-op if you have a friend who owns the game. Read more: Hitman: Episode 2 review. A holidaymaker finds himself in the midst of a violent city siege. Scavenge weapons, repel the invaders, and call in the military. A creative premise and an enjoyable, varied mission. Recover a classified device from a stricken British submarine. To find the vessel you'll need to secure enemy intel to discover its location. A large mission with multiple objectives.

The first chapter of Resist, a user campaign that runs parallel to Survive. Features voice acting, cutscenes, and production values on par with Bohemia's own missions. A night mission in which you play as a special forces operative sneaking behind enemy lines to assassinate an officer.

Short, but atmospheric and nicely balanced. A remake of a classic mission from Bohemia's first game, Operation Flashpoint. Command a large CSAT squad and take two settlements back from a group of terrorists. Lead a small recon squad to covertly destroy enemy assets. Decent voice acting, unlimited saves, and excellent tactical deployment of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

A non-linear mission that sees you, a ghillie-suited sniper, hunting randomly-placed enemy snipers across a large valley area in west Altis. Another short one, but brilliantly tense. A brutal, fast-paced mission that sees you and several AI-controlled squads landing on a beach and attacking an enemy force, whose numbers and placement are different every time. An assault on an enemy airfield, followed by an action-packed push into an occupied city. Some great urban firefights and a custom soundtrack you'll either love or hate.

One of the most popular user missions on the Steam Workshop to date, and deservedly so. Cinematic, polished, well-paced, and offers plenty of scope for creative play. And now for something completely different. This mod highlights points of interest across Altis and lets you teleport to them instantly.Log in or Sign up. If you think someone deserves attention for their great work, shoot them a kudos here: Kudos Thread If they have done something really unique, consider recommending them for a medal here: Medal Nomination Form.

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Hello everyone! I'm rather chipper writing this as we had our first successful Arma 3 event today! We had a total of 8 people doing this operation and lasted around 2 hours, but 2 hours of complete fun and mayhem!

We had two people record the event and will be posting later after this post and from all the feedback I received is that the mission was entertaining and immersive from all eight players. So, if you have Arma 3 and have interesting ideas for missions, please post below what era, factions and objective that you think will be fun to play.

I'm open to all suggestions and any mods. Anything that springs to mind, please post down below. I was very concerned if this event would be a success, and if it were to fail due to lack of players or if those attendees didn't enjoy the content I made I was tempted to leave PRTA due that.

However, tonight, after a rough start, I was proven wrong I appreciate the kindness of those that attended tonight and I thank you all for your effect! SilticsMay 14, Member 1.

Leader automatically set. SloanMay 14, The gameplay of the previous arma 3 event, which was a very funny one. Sorry for being noob, only have 10hrs on the game.

arma 3 zeus mission ideas

NightwalkerBlaze. DocMay 15, Daniel likes this. I have seen some jewtubers players qith IDF mods so, please if we can get that would be so cool. Daniel and KraviZioni like this. Here is also my view of the last Arma 3 Event. Last edited: May 15, Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Zeus Mission Generator

Store Page. Arma 3 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. Spiky38 View Profile View Posts. Hey guy's! I am trying to find interesting ones but I really dont know I have the theme and the theatre but not an actual objective to follow do you guy's have any idea?

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Pudoo View Profile View Posts. This really depends on your group size. Smaller groups are good for SF missions. Think remote locations, interesting plots, crazy odds against massive opponents requiring speed and stealth. You can always throw some suprise in to see what happens. Tall your players they are going to support an armored push and them ambush them along the way. Turn the entire mission on its head and see how they handle it.

You can also have your player group be part of something larger. Using lots of AIs you can set up large background battles while your players go about their objectives. The best course of action is to talk with your group. What do they want to see? Find out what they want, put your spin on it, and throw them into it. I made alot of Zeus scenario that they really enjoyed but I never tought of asking them what they want to see.

That might be good idea, I'll ask them when we do one!Now I'm not sure if this has been suggested but everytime I have seen a arma suggestion its for a survival mod that's recently come out etc etc. But what if we do 1 or maybe 2 times a week some of us get together and do a operations night using the mods in the workshop?

Don't need any radio mods if the channels are used correctly and it can be fun. I'm down tbh. Even if it was only like 10 of us it'd be lit. I used to play smaller CO-OP missions like 4 to 6 players and they were suuuper lit. And overall, I have great experience with the Zeus mode A Live editor for ArmA3 that's already in the gameand I could set up some missions for you guys.

It accepts mods, maps, etc It can even support those zombie mods, so we can also do survival missions and stuff like that. I've been talking about this while in the TS with Cipher and all that. I'm glad you brought it up. I'm down to play anytime.

arma 3 zeus mission ideas

Maybe even TacBF? It's pretty good but might not be for everyone. I think if we did this it would be missions from the workshop and or patrol ops which is really fun. Reason why you don't need TFR and it's just a click of a button. I thought somebody had to aswell haha. Of course, you don't need to watch the whole video, but you might get an idea of what I'm trying to pull off here.

ZEUS - PVP EXPERIMENTAL - Hostages - ARMA 3 Ahoyworld

And it's not complicated, really. Don't think there will be as when someone suggested a mod with TFR Rolle said it's a hassle or something to do with ts.

Trust J. Doesn't really require Rolle to approve it since its so easy to get a standalone server going. Just need someone who is willing to do it daily like strider said because every other day would be meh. I can help set shit up but not run it on the daily tho, if you need help with how Zeus works and shit hit me up on TS. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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